MetisEdu, MTS Token Global Virtual Asset Exchange Bittrex Listed on 11th (Wed)

Blockchain-based edu technology MetisEdu’s Metis (MTS) token will be listed on the global virtual asset exchange Bittrex at 7 am on the 11th (Tuesday) domestic time.

Metis Edu is a blockchain project to provide a variety of high-quality educational contents within one platform. Currently, the beta platform has been released, and it is providing verified premium educational contents in partnership with TCP School, which provides famous E-Learning services in each field such as language and coding, Jungah Moon Chinese, and Mypool. The Metis (MTS) token is a utility token used to use services and contents within the platform.

Metis Edu also signed an MOU with ‘Chipo’, the largest online employment information community company in Korea. ‘Chipo’ provides essential employment information and educational contents that applicants need to know, such as public corporations, large corporations, medium-sized enterprises, foreign companies, and promising start-ups, and has about 1.5 million members. Metis Edu decided to receive various educational contents related to employment, such as lecture videos and mock exams, from ‘Chipo.’

Metis Edu plans to produce more diverse educational contents and activate the platform network by engaging corporate instructors or the general public as tutors. In order to select a tutor, a vote is held for Metis (MTS) token holders, and a majority of votes must be obtained. In addition, the voting participants have the advantage of receiving a portion of the profits earned by the tutor on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, after the launch of the platform, MetisEdu recently announced that it has reinforced professional personnel to secure aggressive users and strengthen marketing strategies, focusing on the development of existing blockchain and platform technologies. A large number of experts from eKYSS, a leading smart learning company in Korea, participated in this team reinforcement.

Bittrex, a global virtual asset exchange, has been operating a global TOP-level exchange based on a reliable security system, a safe and free trading environment, and abundant liquidity supply for various virtual assets. Deposits of Metis (MTS) tokens are currently open.

Metis is a decentralised education provider that incentivize students to achieve their fullest potential.