METIS Tokenomics — Sustainable ecosystem

Metis innovative token economy which was design to incentivize students correctly. Students will pay for courses using MTS (“Metis tokens”) and can stake additional MTS for greater rewards when picking up a new course to signal their dedication to completing the course. When milestones are achieved during their education, they will receive bonus MTS tokens as incentives.

Thus, MTS tokens are mined through actual hard work the students put into studying.

Given that the market for education is constantly growing, we expect that the demand for MTS token will increase over time with more students staking MTS tokens for bonus incentive and with more students using MTS tokens to pay for their courses.

Education institutions on the Metis platform will also need to stake MTS tokens to provide courses for sale to students. This helps to ensure that the education institutions are providing high quality courses to the students as there will be penalties for the education institutions that provides poor quality courses.

Metis also uses innovative artificial intelligence that can customize the education content of the student to suit their interests.

The entire ecosystem can be depicted in the diagram below.

Join Metis today and together we can democratize the market for education and empower the masses through education!

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Metis is a decentralised education provider that incentivize students to achieve their fullest potential.