Metis (MTS) — Launching new MYPOOL 2.0

1 min readJan 13, 2021

Metis is excited to announce the new launch of MYPOOL 2.0!

MYPOOL, developed by eKYSS, is an online education platform for users to learn a new language. MYPOOL leverages artificial intelligence to ensure online courses are more engaging for the users. Analyzing users’ view preferences based on their Netflix or Youtube viewing history, educational materials will be customized and tailored to their interests.

MYPOOL 2.0 provides English, Mandarin, and TOEIC online courses optimized for every student to succeed in completing courses. MYPOOL will come back with upgraded versions of 3.0 in the future with various online courses for students to learn and pick up new skills. MPOOL aims to become the best Edu-tech application in Korea!Metis (MTS) — eKYSS launching bespoke Edu-tech application YPOOL 2.0

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