Metis is listing on APROBIT on 29 December

Blockchain-based edutech platform Metis lists its platform token Metis(MTS) on APROBIT, a virtual asset exchange based in Korea, on Dec. 29.

Metis is an education service project on blockchain co-founded by eKYSS and TCP School. eKYSS is the provider of AI learning app MYPOOL, and TCP School is recognized for its online coding curriculum.

In addition to MYPOOL and TCP School, Metis has affiliated with Korea’s №1 Chinese education brand Moon Jeongah Chinese and other popular online education service providers to expand its range of educational contents on the platform. Metis will also implement gamification of learning by rewarding the user with MTS tokens upon completing courses on the platform. Such a reward system is likely to address the high rate of course dropout on MOOC, which has shown a six to seven times higher dropout rate than that of the traditional education system.

APRPOBIT was launched in June this year. While the exchange is currently mid-scale, it has significantly progressed, acquiring Information Security and Management System (ISMS) and enhancing the security solution. APROBIT is expected to surpass the trade volume of other larger exchanges. In a recent survey conducted by virtual asset aggregation site Coinhills, APROBIT was ranked №2, right after Bithumb, in total trading volume.

A Metis official said, “The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a drastic shift in the learning environment, from the traditional education system to MOOC-like online learning. We will continue to list MTS, which is currently listed on Foblgate, Bithumb Global, LAToken, and Coinone. The upcoming listing on APROBIT will strengthen our presence in the online learning community. To expand our platform, we plan to seek more partnerships with other recognized education service providers.”

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Metis is a decentralised education provider that incentivize students to achieve their fullest potential.

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