Metis-edu To Launch Platform in March for Users to Participate as Tutors

2 min readJan 21, 2021
Source: CoinCat Media

Blockchain-based edtech platform Metis changed its platform name to Metis-edu and announced the launch of the website and mobile apps in March.

Metis-edu is a blockchain-based edtech project co-founded by the CEO of eKyss and TCP School. Ekyss is the MYPOOL education service provider, and TCP School is known for its online coding curriculum. Metis-edu platform aims to create a learning ecosystem in which the MTS token is used as payment for online courses and rewards.

Metis-edu platform enables the users to access various learning contents and participate as tutors. The platform is currently affiliated with foreign language and coding education service providers, including Moon Jeongah Chinese, MYPOOL, and TCP School, to offer qualified content to the users.

As the platform advances, individual teachers or education service providers will participate as Metis Tutors by uploading their learning content for revenue generation. The MTS holders vote for tutor candidates to participate on the platform. The candidates must win a majority of votes to become Metis tutors. Voters also receive periodic profit shares from the revenue generated from the tutors they have voted.

Metis-edu platform’s roadmap is: ▲Jan. 2021: Establish governance for tutor voting ▲Dec. 2021: Establish virtual asset payment and reward system ▲Mid-Mar. 2021: Launch Beta version of AOS and iOS apps ▲End of Mar. 2021: Official launch.

A Metis-edu official said, “Our platform is designed to provide full support for the qualified teachers who are unable to provide lectures in the conventional learning environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We aim to create an online learning environment where the teachers feel confident to participate in the MOOC market. At the same time, the Metis-edu users will be able to access a wide range of learning content and the autonomy to choose the best content through platform governance.”

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