Metis, a blockchain-based learning platform that is essential in the era of untact!!

2 min readMar 17, 2021


In the aftermath of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19), online classes are essential, not optional!

Even with the end of Covid-19, something similar could happen anytime in the future. Online education is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

​​Blockchain-based Edutech platform Metis provides essential online education in the post-corona era. Metis is not just a platform that only supports e-learning. It is not just a blockchain-based edutech project. It is the project that eKYSS, which provides artificial intelligence and long-term memory learning process implemented language learning application MYPOOL, participated as a founder.

Metis is a blockchain-based learning platform that motivates users to attend and complete lectures by rewarding MTS tokens. Furthermore, it is a platform that gives users a sense of accomplishment by providing NFT-type degree certificates. Currently, on the Metis platform, users can attend various courses including Moon Jung-ah’s Chinese Studies and TCP School. Metis is going through lots of discussions in order to provide various educational content to users.

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Metis is a decentralised education provider that incentivize students to achieve their fullest potential.