Blockchain-based EduTech MetisEdu announced on the 26th that it has released a beta platform. The beta platform is a web ( and Android-based app version, and the iOS app will be released after further deliberation. MetisEdu is a platform that allows users to take educational contents using their own token, MTS. Users can use and receive MTS tokens through voting. Metis Edu also announced on the same day that it will add an MTS staking program on the platform.

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Tuesday , April 13th 2021

Blockchain-based Edu Tech MetisEdu announced that it plans to release a beta version of the platform in April.
MetisEdu allows anyone to easily take a variety of educational contents using MTS (Metis) tokens. MetisEdu plans to provide various E-Learning services in each field, such as language and coding. On the other hand, it also plans to gradually apply Chainlink’s technology to the platform through a partnership with Chainlink.


Metis is a decentralised education provider that incentivize students to achieve their fullest potential.

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